Chirp Silencer

Crushing Twitter Noise

Tired of all the noise on Twitter / X? So are we. With our browser extension, you can easily add dozens of words to your mute list and finally have a readable news feed without the fuss.

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Store your lists anywhere

We do not collect or store any personal information. Even your lists are yours. Want to store them on Github Gist No problem! Prefer Pastebin? That's fine too.

As long as your lists follow the required syntax and are available, we'll do the rest.

How to use Chirp Silencer?

  1. Download the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox
    chrome extension download button firefox extension download button
  2. Click on the browser extension icon, it will lead you to the correct Twitter URL
  3. You’ll have a new input and button on this page! Paste the link to your list and click on “Shush!”
  4. You’re done! You can now go back to Twitter and enjoy a noise-free timeline

How can I create a list?

You can create a list on any platform that allows you to share text files. We recommend using Github Gist or Pastebin.

Once you have created your list, you can share it with anyone. Just make sure it is public and that it follows the required syntax.

What is the required syntax?

We support both a simple text file with one line for each word and a JSON file. Your gist/pastebin can look like anything you like!